Asset size
450Hundred million
Asset Scale
Operating income
270Hundred million
Industrial Income
Complete the investment
600Hundred million
Completion of Investment
Realize the profit tax
35Hundred million
Have Employees

Science development group

  Mianyang science development group has been established,Stick to it“The government leading、Market operation”“Do not rely on the government rely on the government”And management thoughts“Financing as the main line、As the carrier of the project、Promote the development of investment、Business growing”The development of ideas,Adhering to the“Standards apply、Honest man、Loyal to their duties、Development and innovation”The enterprise concept,With the city construction of science and technology、With the mianyang TongPinGongZhen transformation and economic development,Implementation from scratch、From weak to strong evolution。

  • Push
    The city of science and technology industry

    Science development group2008~2018

    Industry investment

    As China's science development group(Mianyang)City of science and technology support platform construction and industry development

    Adhere to economic tide,Building industry cradle,Booster city industrial development of science and technology、New cross for the mission,Through the equity investment、Financing guarantee、Financing lease、Plant construction and factors of production security, etc,Investment in huayi compression、Liuhe forging、Xu hong photoelectric key military and civilian integration enterprise;To form a total size of250.11Science and technology city industrial investment fund of one hundred million yuan,Strong support for the total investment465One hundred million yuan of the sixth generation of boeAMOLEDProduction line project smooth implementation;Successful implementation of nearly one hundred million yuan of bochum st fasten debt restructuring,Successful bidding total scale210Package hanlong assets of $one hundred million。Up to now,The total industrial investment360One hundred million yuan。Predicts2020Years,Industrial investment business income will reach90One hundred million yuan。

  • Infrastructure

    To improve
    The urban environment

    Science development group2008~2018


    Insist on science and technology city focus on development area construction of the main line

    Construction of the total investment81One hundred million yuan of the largest underground comprehensive utility tunnel projects——Concentrated in mianyang sci-tech city development area core composite pipe rack and municipal road projects;Quality and efficient to build the city focus on development area of science and technology science and technology city boulevard and interchanges、The connecting line、Eight dam bridge,City conference and exhibition center for science and technology、Phase ii project phase ii and innovation center;Accelerate the city logistics science and technology industrial park of science and technology、Chaoyang district PengGai、Three sets of five beam produced new city district、The third phase of convention and exhibition center、Innovation center for the third phase of project, etc;In addition,Investment nearly10China billions of yuan dynasty built positron standard workshop,Good for st bus、ChanghongPDP、Xu hong photoelectric、Shuanghui food industrial park projects such as building power transformer stations and lines,For the elements of mianyang industrial development to provide strong guarantee。

  • Revenue
    More than50One hundred million yuan

    Science development group2008~2018

    Assets management

    Science development group since its inception

    Insist on basing on the science and technology city comprehensive ability to ascend,Efforts to revitalize the stock of assets,Constantly optimize the assets structure,Expansion of assets,Enhance market competition ability and their own hematopoietic function。Have to implement land management and lease revenue exceeded50One hundred million yuan。

  • To build
    Science and technology city in the financial services industry chain

    Science development group2008~2018

    Financial services

    Science development group's financing guarantee company with long sheng venture company committed to the city of small and medium-sized enterprises of science and technology to provide a full range of financial services

    Service scope covers the investment and financing consultation、Venture equity investment、Business management and planning、Project investment asset custody、Consulting intermediary services and other fields,Group adhere to the market as the guidance,Based on the outstanding service platform,In mianyang, won the big Banks in the financial services industry、All kinds of financial institutions and government、The height of the enterprise customer recognition。Science development will focus on building the financial services industry chain,Committed to become a first-class science and technology city financial service providers,Continue to surpass oneself,Enhance the advantage,Implementation across whole,In the field of financial services to create new brilliance!

  • To improve
    Living environment

    Science development group2008~2018

    Real estate development

    Up to now

    The implementation of the real estate development project science development group15A,Total development area of more than270Million square meters、With a total investment of more than130One hundred million yuan,The development area has been completed20.2Million square meters,The total investment6.6One hundred million yuan。

  • Power
    Science and technology city mice tourism

    Science development group2008~2018

    Mice tourism

    Science development corp., mice tourism company focused on business and tourist areas

    With specialized architecture、Team and the service mode is committed to the government、Community、Enterprise customers including meeting、The exhibition、Advertising、Tourism、Sports such as integrated marketing services。The company is located in science and technology in mianyang city convention and exhibition center,The center is a collection exhibition、The meeting、Business、Food and beverage、Entertainment such as multi-functional in one of the modern intelligent pavilion,The environment is exquisite,Facilities,Is the exhibition、The best place to the meeting。The centre covers an area of about46000Square meters,Including10380Square meters of indoor exhibition center、And to the convention center25500Square meters of outdoor exhibition area。The interior can be split according to the requirements of exhibitors,Provide independent exhibition hall in different area。

  • Grow
    Science and technology city

    Science development group2008~2018

    High-end manufacturing

    Stick to it“Military and civilian integration、Innovation drive”The development of the strategy

    “Billions”High-end manufacturing cluster has begun to take shape。Its liuhe forging technical capacity to speed up the implementation,Gradually become the civil-military integration depth development of enterprises;After restructuring the bochum auto parts manufacturing industry to play a leading role,Actively participate in global competition,Be casting industry, the global leader,Its products mainly in the face of the world500High-end customers,Including the world's first the caterpillar engineering machinery manufacturers、The world's first engine plant TRW(TRW)、Schaeffler Germany、Germany Bosch rexroth、The United States honeywell、America's warner、Germany knorr、The United States cummins and Mercedes、The public、General and other world famous automobile manufacturers。